Car insurance for you.

Whether you’re looking to insure your very first car, or the trusty family vehicle, AonMe Car Insurance will help keep you protected while your car is at home and on the road. And, when it comes to claim time our team will make sure you’re back on the road as soon as possible.

Click the Quote Now button and follow the simple steps to generate a quote for your home and purchase your AonMe Car insurance online. 

Benefits at a glance

AonMe Car Insurance comes with a range of benefits. We’ve given an overview below, but certain conditions may apply depending on your situation. For the full policy wording, including exclusions and limits, please see our Motor Vehicle Insurance Policy document here.

  • keyboard_arrow_downAccidental damage to your cars

    If your car is in an accident, AonMe Motor Vehicle Insurance will cover the cost to repair or replace your car or make a payment up to the current market value.

  • keyboard_arrow_downRoadside assistance

    You (or the person driving your car) could have access to round the clock, roadside assistance in the event of your car breaking down, running out of gas, getting a flat tyre or flat battery or you’ve lost your keys or managed to lock them in the car.

  • keyboard_arrow_downDamage to other people's vehicles and property

    Cover for any damage made to someone, or someone’s property, in the event of an accident involving your car is included.

  • keyboard_arrow_downAccessories

    Cover includes up to $1,000 financial assistance towards replacement accessories.

  • keyboard_arrow_downWindscreen and window glass cover

    An excess applies to windscreen and window glass replacements, unless you have added the optional “Excess-free windscreen and window glass replacement” to your policy.

  • keyboard_arrow_downHire car after theft

    If your car has been stolen and we’ve accepted your claim, we will cover the reasonable cost of hiring a temporary vehicle for up to 14 days or $1,000.

  • keyboard_arrow_downTrailer cover

    Cover for trailers up to $1,000 is included with AonMe Motor Vehicle Insurance. 

  • keyboard_arrow_downGuaranteed repairs

    If your claim is accepted and if you use one of the authorised repairers to fix any damage to your vehicle, those repairs are guaranteed for as long as you own the vehicle.

  • keyboard_arrow_downFlexible excess

    You're able to choose an excess amount from a range of different options to help keep your premium affordable.